The Many Side Effects of Diabetes

This article is about the many side effects of Diabetes. There are many out there, believe me I am a Medical Professional. My grandmother had Diabetes and it has made her life miserable some times.

She has had diabetes since she was about 20 and she is 71 right now. She has had to live with this disease for almost her whole life. She takes insulin shots every day.

Her doctor at one point took her off of the insulin shots and put her on glucose pills to see if that would help her better than the shots and they found out if was making her worse.

She was put back on the insulin shots. At the beginning of the insulin shots, she would have to take shots three times a day. One in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening.

side effects of Diabetes

After a while the doctor took her down to two shots a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. After seeing how she reacted to the two shots, her doctor finally took her down to one shot a day which is one in the afternoon.

Every time a diabetic takes a shot they have to eat something in order not to go into diabetic shock. Even if you are not hungry you still have to eat something before or after you take your shot.

Now for some side effects of diabetes that my grandmother has been witness of.

One side effect is, you have sugar spells to where you have to eat sugar products if your sugar level gets too low. This has happened to my grandmother many times in her life. She always keeps orange juice in the fridge for when this happens.

Another side effect that she has encountered is purple and black feet. Bad circulation can happen with diabetes. Her feet are so black and purple it hurts her to stand on them for a long period of time. She even gets soars on the sides of her feet because they have no circulation so she does not have any feeling in them hardly. You have to be careful around her feet because if you hit them by accident, you can do some real damage to them because they are so fragile in her state.

Another side effect of diabetes is carrying water. My grandmother carries water so bad that her feet swell. They swell so bad that she cannot walk at all on her feet.

side effects of Diabetes


Also, if you are a diabetic, there is a certain diet you have to follow. You are not to have a lot of salt in your food, you cannot eat fried stuff that much, you cannot eat over a 1500 calorie diet. This is the diet my grandmother is on and she does not follow it which makes me think that this is the reason she has been getting worse throughout her life. For diabetics it is very important that you follow the diet your doctor give you because in my grandmother’s case, she does not stick to her diet at all and she is getting worse.

Also with diabetes, you are very sensitive to bruising. If my grandmother even bumps her arm off the door facing she is bruised very deeply and stays there for about a week or two. Diabetics are very proned to bruising very easily. They have to be careful and watch what they do all the time.

These are some side effects of diabetes and I hope I have given you enough information if you have diabetes to follow your doctor’s orders. Even if you do not want to it is the best decision you can make.

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