Control Diabetes Without Medication: Homeopathic Remedies Help

Millions of people start every day by taking multiple medications. If there is an illness in need of treatment, a medication has been created or is certainly in the proverbial pipeline. One of the conditions with a high rate of success through homeopathic methods is diabetes. Many forms of diabetes can be controlled with a strict diet and exercise plan, but many diabetics have no idea where to start. To control diabetes without medications is as simple as becoming an expert about the beast otherwise known as diabetes.

Tackling Type 2 Diabetes through Lifestyle Changes

The majority of Type 2 diabetic cases are related to causes associated with unhealthy diet and exercise practices. The simple truth behind treating this form of diabetes without medication is to reverse the actions which caused the diabetes in the first place. To effectively treat diabetes without medication, sufferers will need to learn the three F’s: food, fun, and function.

Understanding the Role of Food in Control Diabetes

Food is the demanding culprit in a person with diabetes. In order to stay medication-free, the diabetic will need to learn every aspect about a food’s glycemic index. The glycemic index is a number assigned to every food which reveals the food’s effect on blood glucose levels. The rating numbers range from 0 to more than 100. The lower the number of a food’s glycemic index, the smaller the effect on blood glucose levels and the slower the sugars are absorbed by the body.

Control Diabetes

Generally, foods are grouped into three categories. A low glycemic index food falls between 0 and 55, a medium glycemic index food falls between 56 and 69, and a high glycemic index food will have a minimum index of 70. Diabetics should try to keep the majority of daily foods within the low glycemic index range. But, how can a diabetic truly stay medication-free without carrying a food encyclopedia everywhere they go?

Three Rules for a Medication-Free Diabetes Diet

Three simple rules will help you stay medication-free and maintain healthy blood glucose levels through diet. “No white” would have to be rule number one. White foods are generally foods high in starches and carbohydrates. A carbohydrate is nothing more than a sugar and should be avoided. White foods include white bread, potatoes, and rice. Substituting whole grains in place of “white” foods will not only help control your blood glucose levels but support healthy body functions as well.

“Green” is great, would certainly have to be the second rule of controlling diabetes without medication. A diabetic must take into consideration, though, that not all “green” foods are created equal. Dark leafy greens are great sources of vitamins and minerals and have the lowest levels of natural carbohydrates. Adding spinach, kale, and collard greens to your diet are simply great choices for the diabetic.

Control Diabetes

The final rule of diet for diabetics maintaining healthy blood glucose levels without medication would be to stay away from processed foods. Many processed foods seem healthy at first glance, but after close examination are laden with added sugars. It is these hidden sugars that will spike blood glucose levels in a diabetic and result in unhealthy levels of glucose in the blood. Whole foods are much healthier and should make up the majority of food choices for a diabetic.

The Role of Fun and Function in Control Diabetes

Healthy body functions, of all kinds, will support healthy blood glucose levels leading to diabetes management without medication. Fun or exercise is important to not only help regulate blood glucose levels but lower body weight as well. The majority of Type 2 diabetics are diagnosed while overweight. The doctor will certainly prescribe daily exercise as part of a medication-free course of diabetes treatment. Daily exercise does not mean you have to join the local gym and lift hundreds of pounds while running a marathon. It does mean, however, that a diabetic will benefit from moving more and eating fewer carbohydrates. Exercise for the beginner can start with a small walk after dinner and increase from there.

The final rule for living with diabetes without medication would have to be function. Function refers to the use of your diabetic testing kit early and often. In the beginning weeks after diagnosis, as well as throughout the course of your life with diabetes, your blood sugar levels will have to be tested often. The definition of “often” will change as you become more familiar with your body and the food you are able to eat. It is important for the diabetic to remember to test blood sugar levels after every meal or snack when first diagnosed. These tests will help the diabetic, living without medication, learn the specific effect certain foods have on blood glucose levels.

A Bright Horizon: Living with Diabetes without Medication

Living with diabetes without medication is a bright horizon. With an integration of good food, great fun, and timely function, many diabetics will never have to take prescription medication to control blood glucose levels.

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