3 Best Natural Sweeteners for Diabetics

Why Diabetics Should Avoid Artificial Sweeteners

The best sweetener for diabetics is still a controversial subject. Artificial sweeteners including the chemicals aspartame, saccharine and sucralose are consumed widely especially by diabetics. An abundance of research is now available which shows sustained intake of chemical flavours and colours in general may cause toxicity and disease in susceptible individuals. Developing type II diabetes is already a sign that the body is sensitive to diet, so diabetics should be especially responsive to health warnings relating to artificial sweeteners. While it’s impossible to know who will become susceptible, avoidance of all artificial ingredients ensures certainty that you won’t be among the group affected.

Consider Government Recommendations Carefully

Although there is often new research which fails to demonstrate the previously described links to cancer and other disorders, people should keep in mind that lack of evidence does not necessarily mean risk has been eliminated. Furthermore, scientific arguments surrounding health issues may be driven in part by industry and economics. Decisions and recommendations by government authorities therefore may be influenced most by the team of scientists providing the most convincing impression. Over time many of these decisions are subject to revision and change. The decision of the moment seems to be that these chemical sweeteners are safe for most people including diabetics. My stance is to err on the side of caution. Your own personal health, and that of your family, is the most important consideration.

Best Sweeteners for Diabetics

Natural Alternative Sweeteners for Diabetics

Regardless of the latest recommendations on safety of artificial sweeteners, consuming fresh and natural produce is more sensible than taking the risk with products made from artificial chemical ingredients. When it comes to natural sweeteners suitable for diabetics however, these may be difficult to find in the local supermarket. You may need to source these from a health food outlet. Natural sweeteners considered by some to be the best choices for diabetics include the herbal extract Stevia, sugar alcohols like Xylitol and Erythritol, and Chicory Root Inulin.

  • Stevia is a natural plant-derived sweetener which has passed routine testing for safety. It will not raise blood sugar levels so it is recommended for diabetics.
  • Xylitol and Erythritol are found in the fibres of fruit and some other plants including mushrooms. They are absorbed into the blood stream more slowly than sugar and are low in carbohydrate. Rather than being stored in the body they are eliminated efficiently in the urine. However these sweeteners should be introduced slowly into the diet to allow the body to adjust to their natural laxative effect.
  • Chicory Root Inulin is a fibre which has beneficial probiotic properties for a healthy digestive tract and systemic cleansing. It is low in carbohydrate and does not raise blood sugar levels.

These natural alternative sweeteners may be a little more expensive to buy but, if you are a diabetic, you might wish to consider how much you think your life is worth. Once diagnosed with a life threatening disorder, or one that diminishes quality of life, would you agree to spend a few extra dollars and a little more effort each week to regain your health? If the answer is yes, then don’t wait for that day to arrive before making the decision to change.

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